Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs, Inc.

We are currently building our new facilities, and hope you'll visit again soon for updates.


We thank our donors for their generous contribution:
Joe & Becky Antico
Lavinia Baker
Jonathan & Marla Besdine
Michael & Cat Cabot
Nick and Trish Colangelo
Louis & Teresa Courage
Kerry Coyle
Patty Dean & Park Miller
Bill DeMott & Maureen “Mo” Maynor
Margaret Donnelley
Michael Fagan
Eric Forman, Esq.
Anthony Foster
Connie Frankino
John Fulton
Robert Garvy
Samuel H. Hairston III
Chris & Lynda Henry
Rick Hutchinson, Esq.
Chip S. James
Diane & Patricia Jehle
Kelly V. Landers, Esq.
Jean MacIntosh
John F. Mariani, Esq.
Michael Mone
Carl & Jeanne Nicola
Bishop Harold Calvin Ray
Bill Reichel
Edythe H. & Fred Ressler
Culver Smith, Esq. & Dr. Donna Marks
Patrick Tighe, Esq.
Jeannie & Thomas Tisbo
Leigh Wagner
Todd & Sharon Weintz
John and Amy Yenason