Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs, Inc.

Our Women's Home, Serenity, opened 2.1.20. Our Men's Home is in its soft opening phase, and we'll announce our grand opening date soon.

16" x 16" Brick Array Donors

With special thanks:
Patty Dean & Park Miller
Bill & Mo Mo Maynor DeMott
Gratitude House
Stacy & Keith Palagye, in memory of Lisa Bottcher

Engraved 8" x 8" Brick Donors

With special thanks:
Gerry and Nancy Arsenault
Lavinia Baker
The Baker Family
George Benedict
Michael & Cat Cabot
John Fulton, in memory of Henrietta Seiberling and Gertrude Seiberling
Kathy Hughes
Anne Hurley
Robert, Rachel, and David Needle
Neiman Marcus
Carl & Jeanne Nicola
Gail Otero
Bill Reichel and Reichel Realty & Investments, Inc.
Tiffany & Co.
Bill Watson
Kurt & Jody Wuennemann

Engraved Brick Donors

With special thanks:
Laurel T. Baker
Jeanenne Boulter
Shawn Brett
Chris B.
Michael & Cat Cabot
Nick & Trish C.
Ryan J. Cook
Michael C. Danis
Margaret Donnelley, in memory of my son Willard
Thorne Donnelley
John Elliott
Meaghan Flenner
Ellen Fletcher
Kristin Ford
Chief Mike Gauger
Connie Geisler
Olga Hamblet
Jim Hanseder
The Hartigan Family
Chris & Lynda Henry
Pamela Hillenbrand
Kathy Hughes
Anne Hurley
Rick Hutchinson, Esq.
Diane Jehle
The Jehle Family
Barbara Katz
Michaela Kennedy
Kim Koslow
Cameron Kushner
Kelly V. Landers, Esq.
The Landers Family
Dennis, Olivia, and Lily Langbein
Dr. & Mrs. George W. Lutz
Michele Lutz
Donna Marks and Skip Smith
Gene Mayer
Mark Maynard
Marissa Meyer
Regina Meyerson
Bradford Miller
Claudia Miller
Laurie Monahan
Michael Mone
Mark Montgomery
Carl Nicola
Jeanne Nicola
James Northcutt
Phil O'Connell
Ashley Ouellette
Xiomara Ordoñez
Saood M. Quadri
Chandra and Rob Rabenecker
Bishop Harold Calvin Ray
The Rooney Family
Taylor Schneider
Judge Amy Smith
David Thomas
Judy Vitrano
Todd Weintz
Richard Wolff
Michael Yasuna


We thank our donors for their generous contribution:
Joe & Becky Antico
Lavinia Baker
Jonathan & Marla Besdine
Michael & Cat Cabot
Nick and Trish Colangelo
Louis & Teresa Courage
Kerry Coyle
Patty Dean & Park Miller
Bill DeMott & Maureen “Mo” Maynor
Margaret Donnelley
Michael Fagan
Eric Forman, Esq.
Anthony Foster
Connie Frankino
John Fulton
Robert Garvy
Samuel H. Hairston III
Chris & Lynda Henry
Rick Hutchinson, Esq.
Chip S. James
Diane & Patricia Jehle
Kelly V. Landers, Esq.
Jean MacIntosh
John F. Mariani, Esq.
Michael Mone
Carl & Jeanne Nicola
Bishop Harold Calvin Ray
Bill Reichel
Edythe H. & Fred Ressler
Culver Smith, Esq. & Dr. Donna Marks
Patrick Tighe, Esq.
Jeannie & Thomas Tisbo
Leigh Wagner
Todd & Sharon Weintz
John and Amy Yenason